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I’m Still Enjoying the Flowers

September 29, 2011

By John Markowski

OK everyone, slow down please. I know the Fall has arrived and all you want to talk about are pumpkins, mums, fall foliage, and decorating for Halloween. I get it. But today, we will not be discussing any of those topics because I’m emotionally not ready. You cool with that? Good.

I am afflicted with “seasonal denial” and for at least one more day, I want to pretend that it is still summer. I want to listen to the symphony of bees on the flowers. I want to walk outside and sweat within three minutes. I want to not have to think about planting bulbs. I want to anticipate the hot air balloons that fly directly over my home around 6:30 each night. And selfishly, I want to share flower photos I recently snapped with all of you. Won’t you join me and forget the impending cold weather, even if it is only for thirty seven seconds?


Rose of Sharon


Swamp Milkweed

Sedum ‘Autumn Fire’

Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer’

Spiderwort ‘Sweet Kate’

Didn’t that feel good?

If you want to read more about me whining about Fall or complaining about my kids or creepily obsessing over my gardens, click on the About link above to get to my blog.

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