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T-Stabilization Push Ups

September 28, 2011

By Gerard Bochese

T- stabilization push-ups are an advanced push-up requiring excellent core strength as well as strength and stability through the shoulder complex.  This exercise is excellent for anyone who wants to work their shoulders, and it also serves as a training tool for teaching the deceleration mechanics involved with breaking a fall.  Another benefit of the exercise is the lateral stabilization component that occurs through the trunk.  This is the aspect of the exercise which calls upon and increases core strength.

To perform the exercise:

1)   Begin in the push-up position

2)   Lower your body towards the floor, then push up explosively while rotating onto one arm. At the top of the movement, the down arm should be straight and the torso should be straight with no leaning forward or backward and no sagging in the middle. If there is excessive sway in the torso, this denotes instability in the core or shoulder complex.

3)   Hold for a moment and return to the starting position

4)   Repeat the sequence on the alternate arm.

T-stabilization push-ups can be loaded with light dumbbells to increase the stabilization demands on both the core and shoulder complex.

Note: The basic version of the push-up must be performed flawlessly before beginning the T-stabilization push-up.

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