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Toothy Tabs

September 9, 2011

By Brianne Harrison Moore

Let it never be said that Lush—the British company devoted to funky, all-natural bath and beauty products—is afraid to innovate or explore new territory. The company that made fizzy bath bombs famous has also convinced us that solid shampoo made out of lentils is a good idea and that hair can be dyed with henna. Now that it’s taken care of our hair and bodies, Lush has moved on to new territory: our teeth.

Enter Toothy Tabs, unusual little Smarties-like tabs that act like toothpaste. Just pop one in your mouth, crunch it up a little, and start brushing with a damp toothbrush. The tabs will foam up just like regular toothpaste and leave your teeth feeling nice and clean.

The tabs come in six flavors: Dirty, Sparkle, Ultrablast, Aquatic, Atomic, and Breath of God. I tried Sparkle, Atomic, and Ultrablast. Sparkle promises to leave you with a dazzling smile, using vanilla, lemon, and grapefruit flavors with black pepper oil, which leaves a pleasant tingle after brushing. Atomic banishes bad breath with its combination of coffee, clove, and ginger (perfect for the morning!), and Ultrablast fights bacteria with mint, lavender, and wasabi. For the faint of heart, the wasabi isn’t really a dominant flavor in Ultrablast—you’re mostly left with a pleasing minty flavor that lasts a surprisingly long time and is more subtle than the heavy mint wallop you get from most commercial toothpastes.

So, why would you want to trade in your toothpaste for Toothy Tabs? Environmental stewardship for one. The tabs come in recyclable cardboard boxes, unlike conventional toothpastes. They’re also vegan and made from natural ingredients and essential oils (Atomic is also made with Fairtrade ingredients). They’re great for anyone on the go—instead of packing up a tube that can leak and get messy, throw one of these in your purse or carryon. Even if it spills, there’s no real mess to clean up. Plus, in a pinch, you can use them sans toothbrush—just pop one in your mouth, crunch it up, and rinse. You can’t really do that with regular toothpaste, can you?

Toothy Tabs come in boxes of 40 and retail for $3.95. They’re available for purchase at Lush retail locations or online at

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  1. September 9, 2011 11:44 am

    Lush experimented in toothcare before as well, a few years ago (and I think they brought i back briefly in their retro products) was black toothpaste based on Asian Black/Grey tooth powder.

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