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The Clean Bee

July 1, 2011

By Lauren Johnson

Like most people this time of year, I’m spending a lot more time outside. Whether I’m biking, gardening, or hanging out with my backyard chickens, I’m getting plenty of time in the sun, as well increased exposure to dirt and sweat. I usually stay well protected by using foundation with SPF and exfoliating at night, but recently I’ve noticed a little bit of dry unevenness on my face, which I attribute to the increased environmental exposure. My skin is fairly sensitive, especially when it comes to things with a lot of perfume, so I decided to try the Natural Honey Facial Cleansing Bar from B. Witching Bath Co. (located right here in the Garden State!). Not only is it the cutest bar of soap you’ve ever seen (it’s molded in the shape of honey bees on honey comb), it is only lightly scented and works like a charm. After a few weeks of use it left my skin feeling clean, even-toned, and moisturized (something I’d never before experienced in a bar soap). Honey, though most often used as a sweetener, is actually very good for your skin too. It contains many vitamins (multiple B vitamins), minerals, and is antimicrobial and naturally antiseptic. Also, since this is a facial cleansing bar, a little goes a long way, though it will not take long to see bee-utiful skin.

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