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Rockin Green

June 23, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

Cloth diapers have come a long way (with adjustable sizes, snap-in inserts, optional soakers, and user-friendly mechanics and fashionable designs) so it only makes sense that laundry detergents specially formulated for cloth diapers have come a long way too. Rockin Green laundry detergent is quickly becoming a favorite natural detergent on Mommy blogs for use with both cloth diapers and regular laundry. The two most touted advantages to Rockin Green is that even those with the most sensitive skin are able to use it, and it works tremendously well even in hard water. Plus, it’s gentle on the planet and phosphate-free.

What makes it so great, especially for cloth diapers, is that unlike many other detergents it does not leave a residual build-up that breaks-down the absorbency of the diapers.  You can even use it on old diapers that have lost their functionality due to build-up of other products and make them work like new again by treating them with Rockin Green. This video demonstrates just what a difference this makes.   Its superior cleaning power and rinseability really set it apart, and the yummy natural scents just put it over the top—you can choose from Lavender Mint Revival; Smashing Watermelon; or Earth, Wind, and Orchids to name just a few (there’s also an unscented version called Bare Naked Babies). Oh, and it’s made in the good ol’ USA.

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