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Bikini Workout

June 8, 2011

By Tara Zimliki

For most of us, a trip to the beach means a day of endless snacking and as little movement as possible (aside from switching sides to tan, of course). But after a few weeks of carefree lounging, we may find ourselves less distracted by the hotties playing volleyball, and more concerned with our newfound arm flab and belly pooch! To avoid a summer slump, here are some tips to help you beat bikini bulge that can be done right on the beach!

In the sand…

When going for a walk, use sand dunes to do Hill Sprints. No hills in sight? Try sprinting for 10 seconds whenever you see a beach ball or cute lifeguard. Running on an uneven surface like sand forces your body to work harder to stay balanced, burning more calories.. To blast even more calories, take your cooler with you.

On your towel…

While catching some rays, hold a full Plank position for one minute every time you flip over. Flip once every 5-10 minutes and before you know it, you’ll have a perfectly even tan and a solid core to show it off.

You can also perform Alternating Leg Lifts on your back or on your stomach to burn some extra calories while soaking up the sun

In the ocean…

Give a classic fitness move a new twist by taking it to the surf. When taking a dip in the water, perform 10-15 explosive Jumping Jacks. The resistance of the ocean will help you burn more calories with each jump. Try to go as deep in the water as possible without accidentally signaling the lifeguard that you are drowning.

On your beach chair…

You can tone up while sitting down with Seated Leg Lifts. While reading a book or a magazine, simply raise your calf so it is in line with your thigh, alternating legs for 10 raises on each side. Repeat whenever the mood strikes.

Elevating your heart rate even for 30 seconds at a time allows your body to burn more calories throughout the day. And while some of these moves may be a tad conspicuous, you won’t mind looking slightly awkward once you – and those volleyball players – see the results.

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