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Super Green

May 26, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

I love when a super-green product gets even better. Bio-Green Crystals are nutraceutical-grade cleaning compounds specifically made to be nontoxic—formulated to not trigger reactions such as asthma, allergies, and rashes as chemical-based cleaners do—as well as zero waste. These little crystal packets can be added added to tap water in your own reusable bottle to make 32 ounces of a powerful yet safe cleaning solution. The eco-friendliness of this product is so far-reaching it makes me giddy. Instead of warehousing, transporting, storing, and packaging big, wet, heavy cleaning products this little lightweight has the most minuscule footprint of any cleaning product I have ever seen. And at six bucks a pop they are very comparable to other high-quality cleaning products.

At Go Lightly I sell individual packets for everyday use in your home: all-purpose, bathroom, glass and window, stainless steel, fruit and vegetable wash, degreaser, and baby product and toy sanitizer. And they now come in kits of nine packets of three each of all-purpose, bathroom, and glass and window cleaner and three refillable 32-ounce industrial-quality trigger bottles for $39.99. If you do the math, that’s less than $4.50 a packet with the bottles thrown in for free. This is what the future of cleaning products needs to look like and Bio-Green Crystals are leading the way.

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