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Spring Salad

May 23, 2011

By Lauren Johnson

The beautiful lingering spring evenings are wonderful to behold, and, as our grill can attest, there’s no better way to enjoy them than by spending as much time as possible outdoors, especially dining al fresco.

On a recent warm evening, I was looking for a refreshing salad that would pair well with grilled lamp chops, which, though small in size, have a heavier and distinct taste that can take over. This salad turned out to offer the perfect balance.

Cucumber, Fennel Root, and Mint Salad

2 medium sized fennel bulbs, washed well (trim the stems and save them for a future salad.)

2 seedless cucumbers, peeled

about 12 mint leaves (or 1 ½ hearty tablespoons of dried mint)

salt to taste

feta (optional)

Prepare the fennel and cucumber (You can either slice your fennel and cucumber thinly on a mandolin, or cut them into small cubes (about ½ inch thick). I opted to cube them. It’s up to your texture preference! )

Finely chop the mint

Add salt

Stir everything together and let it sit in the fridge for about 20 minutes. The salt will help pull the moisture from the vegetables and create a bit of brine. Stir the salad before serving so the brine can be re-distributed. The salad is great as is, but if you want to toss in a handful of crumbled feta to add depth, it’s a good option if you want to turn this into a heartier dinner salad.

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