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A Healthy Switch

April 14, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

Ladies, did you know the feminine care products (pads and tampons) you use can be greatly affecting your health? I didn’t. I personally switched from using a major commercial brand of pad and tampons to using non-disposables to decrease the amount of waste I was putting into the incinerator every month, but I did not know my switch could have such health benefits as well. After a few months I noticed a major change in my period. I was having less cramping and much lighter days. I didn’t think much about this until I saw a demonstration at a health products trade show comparing traditional pads and tampons to an organic cotton brand.

The first demo took a typical pad and burned it. It fumed and melted and became a hard and black mass. This is because it is mostly made of plastic and that’s what happens when you burn plastic. When the organic cotton pad was burned it turned brown and fell away into ashes- like you’d expect a natural fiber to do.

The next demo was a tampon. A traditional and organic cotton tampon was pulled apart and dragged across a piece of black felt. The traditional tampon left behind a smear of white fibers. The organic cotton tampon stayed together better. But the point was that the fibers left behind from the traditional tampon are chlorine-laden and plastic-based and that is what gets left in your body after removing a traditional tampon! If any fibers are left in your body, better they are organic cotton and bleached with only peroxide.

So could it have been that the chlorine chemicals and plastic fibers from the traditional brands I used to use caused excessive cramping and bleeding for me? It is interesting that such a transformation occurred soon after I completely switched products. But in any case, I feel a lot better knowing these chemicals are not entering my body, causing any other unknown damage. So once again, my efforts to live more green were rewarded by increased health and peace of mind.

These are my favorite products:

Maxim Organic Cotton, No Applicator Tampons and Pads

Lunapads: Reusable Pads

The Moon Cup

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