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More Power

March 10, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

If you’re not ready or able to get solar panels on your roof or tap into the geo thermal ground source in your backyard, you can still support a green energy future without changing a thing. Companies like Veridian, Community Energy and Jersey-Atlantic Wind, LLC are renewable energy companies available to us in New Jersey that provide solar, wind, geo thermal, and biomass energy into the grid. They sell renewable energy to companies like PSE&G who maintain the grid.

It is simple to set up an account with one of these companies, and by doing so you can have the amount of energy you use in your home offset into the grid with renewable energy. That means for every kilowatt hour you use, that much renewable energy will be added to the grid. It does not mean that renewable energy will be directly used to power your home specifically, but for everyone who has an account with one of these companies, that much more renewable energy is added to the mix that powers the grid. And the more renewable energy that is provided, the less non-renewable energy, such as coal, is used! (Coal is what is mainly used in here New Jersey and is pretty much the most polluting and damaging energy source you can imagine).

There are different plans to choose from: ones that can even save you money, and others that cost a small premium on top of your energy bills to provide for as much as 100% of renewable energy. You will still receive your bill from the energy provider you use now, such as PSE&G, so there are no major changes. Check them out and decide which you like best. (I use Community Energy for my business and Veridian for my home just because I like both companies and wanted to share the love.)

Viridian Energy is a socially responsible energy company offering residential and commercial customers a minimum of 20% renewable energy at competitive rates. For those who want to do a little more, Viridian also offers a 100% renewable plan. 866.663.2508

Community Energy, Inc. was founded in 1999 to ignite the market and supply the demand for wind-generated electricity. New Wind Energy® from Community Energy, Inc. is supplied from newly developed wind resources. 866.WIND.123

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