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Geeks & Foodies Unite for Pi Day Weekend

March 7, 2011

By Pat Tanner

You know what Pi Day is, right? It’s celebrated each March 14th (that’s 3.14, of course) in math classes around the country, usually by having students bring in round food – cookies, pizza, and, naturally, pies – then calculating the circumference, followed by eating said food. Another popular activity involves Pi “bees,” where contestants vie to see who can correctly recite the most digits of pi.

Well, the folks in Princeton are taking Pi day to new heights with a four-day weekend celebration of fun activities for children and adults focused not solely on Pi, but also on a famous resident of that town who happens to have a birthday on March 14. Believe it or not, Albert Einstein was born on three-fourteen.

Foodies will be especially interested in three pie-related Pi activities happening on Sunday, March 13: a pie eating contest (in four age categories), a pie judging contest (for which yours truly will be a judge), and a pie throwing contest, for charity, on Palmer Square. That last begins at 3:14 that afternoon. Of course.

Kids will also enjoy the Einstein birthday celebrations at the Historical Society on Saturday, the 12th, and Sunday, the 13th – in addition to the above pie activities – and can enter in their age group for the recitation contest and a M-athlete challenge that will net the winners a savings account with a starting balance of – you guessed it – $314.15.

Everyone can have fun at Saturday’s interactive science fair, with scientists from Princeton Plasma Physics Lab assisting with demonstrations, and, on various days, getting a curator’s tour of the Einstein Exhibit at the Historical Society, riding the Dinky with re-enactors of Einstein and his friends and family (if you don’t know what the Dinky is, you can look it up), taking a tour or plane ride with “Einstein,” and checking out the Einstein Look-Alike contestants.

There are many more activities planned from Friday, March 11 through Monday, March 14, all of which can be found at Some involve pre-registration, small fees, and age limitations. In addition, Princeton merchants and hotels are offering special Pi Day Princeton deals, which are listed there as well.

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