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How to Save a Life

February 18, 2011

By Brianne Harrison Moore

The Michael Vick case shone a significant spotlight on the inhumane and horrifying practice of dogfighting, but despite the increased public attention and investigations, the practice continues, and innocent animals suffer for it. As terrible as this is for the dogs who fight, perhaps the most tragic and heart-wrenching victims are the young dogs used as bait to get the fighting dogs riled up for their bout.

One of these bait dogs, now called Kelly, managed to miraculously survive and, luckily for her, found her way into the hands of Animal Alliance in Lambertville. Poor little Kelly (who’s estimated to be only six to nine months old) was found as a stray in Philadelphia and was in very bad shape when she was picked up. Her injuries—wounds on her legs and a broken, infected jaw—were consistent with those often suffered by bait dogs. Despite her pain and fear, this sweet girl still managed to wag her tail when shown kindness by her rescuers.

Animal Alliance and three different New Jersey vets stepped in to get Kelly the help she needed. Dr. Wendy Ross at Crown Veterinary Specialists in Lebanon is treating Kelly’s leg wounds and performed highly specialized orthopedic surgery on her broken jaw. Pre-operative care was donated by Dr. Lesley Vannerson at Yardville Animal Hospital in Yardville, and post-operative care is being managed by Dr. Lorraine Marks of Round Valley Animal Hospital in Lebanon. A foster family is sheltering Kelly until she can find a permanent, loving home.

Although the doctors are treating Kelly at a significant discount, surgeries and care are expensive, and Animal Alliance needs your help offsetting the cost. Even a small donation will help this little girl get back on her feet and enjoy a long, healthy, happy life far from the horrors of the fighting ring that marked her earliest days. To donate to Kelly’s care or to Animal Alliance, click here.

Learn more and see Kelly in action:

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