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Laundry Day

February 17, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

Love that snuggly-fresh smell of laundry right from the dryer? Well, if you’re using commercial fabric softeners or dryer sheets, you may be breathing in more than you realize. Those fragrances are not just superficial scents that stop at your nose. You’re breathing in molecules that pass through the nasal passages and dissolve in your mucus lining, which contains olfactory neurons that provide a direct passage to the brain and the rest of your body. Many commercial products contain scary ingredients have been linked to brain and nervous system dysfunction and cancers: alpha-terpineol, benzyl acetate, chloroform, ethanol, ethyl acetate, linalool, and pentane. Does that make you want to be more careful about what fragrance you expose yourself and your family to?

But you can go crazy reading a bunch of labels on products in the supermarket. Almost every product made by a chemical company is going to contain a harmful ingredient and we don’t really know what amount or what combination of all these chemicals will affect us.  Save yourself time and just use a simple product made from basic harmless ingredients that does a job mechanically rather than chemically. Like Nellie’s dryer balls and essential oil fragrance sticks.

As the dryer balls tumble around in your dryer they lift and separate your clothes, making them soft and fluffy and less prone to wrinkling. They also allow air to flow more efficiently throughout your dryer, thus decreasing your drying time. And depending on the climate where you live, they may decrease static cling. You can still have a fresh clean scent if you use the optional fragrance stick inserts made from only soy wax and essential oils. Not only are essential oils safe to breathe in, they are therapeutic!

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