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A Greener Garden State

February 10, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

Something exciting is happening in New Jersey. A new bill is being advanced that will prevent kids from being poisoned at schools and parks. Millions of pounds of lawn pesticides are dumped on school and park grounds, exposing highly susceptible kids to the harmful effects of these chemicals.  Add to that the amount of industrial pollution in our state and we may have an answer to the question of why New Jersey has higher than average rates of autism, learning disabilities, and asthma.

Many towns throughout New Jersey ban the use of pesticides in schools and parks, but there is a group of diligent New Jerseyans who are working hard to expand the ban across the state. Eliminating the use of these dangerous chemicals is a first step in creating a cleaner, healthier world. The NJ Environmental Federation and concerned parents, physicians, municipal and school officials, and organic landscapers testified at the Senate Environment Committee hearing in support of this legislation. The bill would prohibit lawn pesticide use on all day care, school, municipal, county, and state playgrounds and playing fields, except when there is an immediate threat to human health.

The next step is to make sure this bill is heard on the Senate floor and we need YOUR signatures on this petition to show that we care about the important issue. Please take a moment to sign here and add your voice.

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