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Dish Wish

January 27, 2011


By Jennifer Chaky

Aren’t you more motivated to do the dishes when you have a nifty new little tool for the task? I don’t know what it is about cleaning tools that fascinates me so, but I do enjoy that honeymoon period of having a fresh new sponge or scrub brush. Maybe I am sucked in by advertisements that make me believe my home will suddenly be effortlessly sparkling clean. One thing these commercials don’t show, however, is where all these cleaning implements go at the end of their life. Many brushes and sponges are made of petroleum-based plastics and nylon and heavily dyed cellulose. A scrub brush you threw out five years ago would still be around in a landfill…and it will stay there for the next 995 years.  Isn’t there a way to get that new-cleaning-tool-fix without making a permanent mar on the planet? The answer is: yes!

Full Circle tools are made from sustainable, biodegradable materials such as bamboo and naturally-dyed cellulose, and from recycled plastic. Hey, why not use plastic already here instead of putting more in the world? They are also ergonomically designed and look great just sitting next to your sink. You can even choose if you prefer a brush that lies down or stands up. These tools were made to please gadget-fancying folks with an eco bent just like myself!

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