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January 20, 2011

By Jennifer Chaky

This elegant water-filtration vessel is about the finest designed one I’ve ever seen. It comes with a price tag to match, at roughly $600.00 and up, but for those serious about their water it’s a wonderful option. The Aquaovo uses gravity and an oval shape to filter water through refining crystals. The crystals themselves are among the finest materials for purifying water, and are chosen for that as well as their abundance in nature, accessibility, and recyclability. Filter cartridges (averaging around $60), last 4 months, are good for 200 liters of water, and can be returned to the company for recycling and for a rebate on a refill.

The company’s commitment to the environment is impressive. They take into consideration the materials they use, minimizing plastic to the greatest extent to prevent water from coming in contact. And the exquisite craftmanship and design is befitting of the glorious life-giving substance it is intended for.

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