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Lip Service

January 14, 2011

By Brianne Harrison Moore

So long, chapped winter lips! Like many people, my lips tend to get chapped and flaky in the winter months, no matter how much balm I pile on. So, I turned to LUSH’s Bon Bon lip scrub, which tastes like lemon sherbet and gently removes dry skin. Plus, it’s made from all edible ingredients, so there’s no need to worry if you swallow a little!

Perhaps one of the reasons this tastes like sherbet is because it actually uses sherbet powder as one of the ingredients. Sherbet powder is a bit gentler than other exfoliants, so it won’t beat up your already battered lips. The scrub also contains vitamin-packed cranberry seed oil to add moisture to dry lips.

Not a lemon fan? LUSH also has scrubs that taste like peppermint, bubble gum, and milk chocolate.

All LUSH’s scrubs are vegan (like many of their other products) and can be purchased online or at a LUSH location (see for locations). Scrubs retail for $8.95, and a small pot of the stuff will last you a while, trust me! You can follow up the scrub treatment with one of their delicious lip balms, which retail for $6.95 each.

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