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Herbal Remedies

December 23, 2010

By Jennifer Chaky

I was inspired to write this post after a customer came in to buy a flaxseed bodywrap that was handmade by Anne at Dégagé Gardens in Frankin, NJ. I have been carrying Anne’s delightful herbal sachets, wraps, and eye pillows since I opened (they can also be found at Whole Foods and various retailers in north Jersey, as well as her website) and I recommend them for a variety of uses. I use the lavender sachets in the dryer, in my clothes drawers, and under my pillow, the mint eye pillow I keep in the freezer for a compress when I have a headache, and the body wrap is great for muscle soreness. But the aforementioned customer gave me yet another great idea for using the body wraps. He heats them in the microwave and tucks them into the kids’ beds to make them nice and toasty on cold winter nights. What a great idea for an energy-saving remedy against this bitter cold we have been having here in New Jersey. Anne’s flax wraps are especially good for this, since flaxseeds are 35% oil, which makes a nice moist heat, as opposed to grains like buckwheat or rice that are mostly air and do not retain the heat as long.

Anne has a wealth of information and knowledge, which is evident in her line of wonderfully crafted products. Natural herbs instead of medications, chemical fragrances, or other toxic products is the way to go. Check out Anne and know you are supporting a worthy business, and doing something great for your health and the planet! All her herbs are grown organically in Rockaway, NJ.

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