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Ecco Bella

December 2, 2010

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By Jennifer Chaky

I recently met Sally Malanga, the founder of New Jersey-based Ecco Bella natural and organic beauty products. First let me say that this woman’s skin was simply glowing. So much so that the first thing I did today was order her Revitalize Face Serum. Next thing I did was write this blog post because, 1, I feel a great kinship with Sally, and 2, I think companies like hers need to be the future of our economy.

Sally began her business as a way to promote cruelty-free beauty products. She learned of the atrocities of animal testing and decided one way to educate people about it, and to eliminate it, was to offer fully vegan products made without animal testing and animal products. Ecco Bella’s line of products—lotions, face creams, masks, and a range of cosmetics—eventually became gluten-free as well as vegan, to accommodate the growing number of wheat-sensitive individuals. I too began my business with a mission to educate and provide responsibly made, healthy, and vegan products to conscientious consumers, hence the kinship I feel with Sally.

And when I say that companies like Ecco Bella need to be the future of our economy, I mean not only should we support manufacturers who consider the environment, human health, and compassion in all that they do, but we should also support small, regional businesses instead of large corporate conglomerations that are truly destroying the planet. Boy are we lucky Ecco Bella is made right here in New Jersey so we can shop local, green, and animal-friendly all at the same time!

Ecco Bella products are holistic doctor approved and made from the finest ingredients so that just a little bit goes a long way. And their formulas are streamlined, so you don’t need a lot of different products, which saves money and packaging. I love that their lotions are water-free because, as it says in their brochure, water is free—drink it, but why pay for it in your lotion? They also sell their blushes and eye shadows in refill packs so you don’t need a new compact every time. Got to love it!

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