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Hitting The Right Target

November 11, 2010

By Jennifer Chaky

I learned something very interesting about natural pesticides compared to chemical pesticides: bugs can’t develop a resistance to natural remedies because organic substances vary slightly from batch to batch, due to their natural attributes. Man-made chemicals are consistent and it’s that consistency that allows pests, like bed bugs and lice, to adapt and overcome them. Which leads us to develop stronger and stronger chemicals to defeat these common pests. Where will it end? It’s time for us to go back to basics and combat bugs safely and naturally lest we end up with stronger and stronger pest infestations.

If an infestation of bed bugs is less than 1/2 inch deep in the mattress, they can be killed with steam, professionally or with a home steamer, or a dyer run for twenty minutes reaching up to 140-180 degrees for bed linens. Avenger Organics Bed Bug Killer is 100% natural and proven to eliminate bed bugs without the harsh pesticides found in many traditional treatments, many of which  contain Permethrins and Pyrethrins, which are serious carcinogens and pesticides.
For lice, coating the head with a mixture of neem oil in olive or coconut oil and wrapping with plastic wrap will suffocate those nasty bugs. They can then be washed out with tea tree or neem shampoo.

Spraying your home regularly with an essential oil solution such as Vida Aire is also a great way to keep all kinds of icky things away- from flu bugs to bed bugs.

If you encounter any of these  creepy maladies this winter, do some research into homemade and natural remedies that will kill the target pest, and not yourself!

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