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Advanced Training

October 27, 2010

By Gerard Bochese

If you have been involved in a sound training program that has progressed you through core and stability training and proper strength development training as well as some plyometric training (reactive training), then you may be ready to try this advanced training concept.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine calls this concept Elastic Equivalent Training (EET).  This method combines a strength exercise with a biomechanically comparable reactive exercise.  It specifically enhances neuromuscular efficiency (more neurological input so that more muscle fibers can fire) and power production.  Remember a lot of what we do in the real world is more dependent on power than strength.  When we chase our kids, hit a tennis ball, throw a football – these are all power moves as opposed to strength moves.

The way EET works is you pick a strength exercise such as an Olympic bar or dumbbell squat performed for 8-15 reps at a controlled pace. Immediately following this exercise, you would do a reactive exercise (plyometric exercise) with the same biomechanical movement. In this case I would have my client do 8-15 body weight squat jumps at an explosive pace.  You want to have quality rest in between sets, around 2 minutes, and perform 3-5 sets.

An example of an upper body EET set would be an Olympic bar or dumbbell bench press followed immediately by explosive push ups (where your hands actually leave the ground), or an explosive medicine ball chest pass off of a cement wall.

The concept is that you are combining a strength exercise that uses additional weight and is done at a controlled tempo followed by a plyometric or reactive exercise that is done at a real-life pace to elicit as much of a neuromuscular response as possible.

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