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Face First

September 24, 2010

By Lauren Johnson

The fresh and breezy days of fall are upon us once again! The crisp air brings new sights and sounds – rich earthy colors, papery cornhusks, juicy apples – making it hard to resist getting outside to enjoy it all.   As an avid road biker, this means some of the best riding of the year.  Though not opposed to the 100+ degree weather, the cooler air makes it comfortable to bike at any point in the day, as well as take longer rides, which means more exposure to the wind and the sun.

When you’re biking, your face comes first. Literally.  It leads, navigates, anticipates, and gives the sun first dibs on where to land.  About a month ago, I noticed my face seemed drier than normal so I decided to find a way to help replenish my skin.  Decleor’s Aromessence™ Angélique is a serum consisting of Angelica, Camomile, Geranium, and Rosemary essential oils.  It’s as simple as that.  Upon first use, I knew this product was a keeper – the combination of the aromatics and luxuriously smooth serum was immediately calming and my face felt hydrated, vibrant, and more supple.  What’s more, included in the packaging is an illustrated diagram of how to apply the oil, noting key facial energy points (there’s even short videos on their website of this too).

This product is a great way to protect your skin as you face the elements from one season to the next. So, put your best face forward, and see you on the road!

Aromessence™ Angélique and other Decleor products are available at and the Nordstrom store at the Mall at Short Hills.


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