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Green Guests

September 2, 2010

By Jennifer Chaky

One of the best things about summer is all the parties, picnics, and celebrations. But one of the worst things is all of the trash that these festivities create. Now, this is not a verified statement, but I would think the use of disposables must increase greatly in the summer. To think of the amount of plates, cups, utensils, napkins, bottles, and other food containers tossed away is stupefying–but it doesn’t have to be this way.
I have attended four events this summer where my fair hosts used reusable tableware, and the trash left over from the parties was quite minimal. It was encouraging to see that, with a little bit of organization and the help of a dishwasher (or not), it wasn’t that difficult to pull off a low-waste party.

So, at your next party, consider replacing disposables with non-disposable options. Set out “real” silverware, hard plastic plates and cups (or “real” if you like), and a bin for collecting them. If you don’t have enough in your own collection of wares, perhaps you can borrow from a friend, or you can at least supplement what you have with disposable and treat them like reusables by asking your guests to not throw them in the trash and rewashing them.

If you have lots of parties, you can, over time, collect your party-ware and will never have to buy disposables again. A fun place to look for inexpensive finds is thrift stores and garage sales. You can gather an eclectic collection of plates, silverware, and cups to store away and use again and again.

And if you’re not hosting a party yourself, you can always be a green guest by showing up to every party with your own reusables in tow. Make a caddy of a plate, cup, and utensil set and take it with you. You are sure to inspire others to do the same! Or get yourself of set of To-Go-Ware containers and utensils.  We sell tons of them. I hope that means we are evolving from being a “throw-away” nation and learning that it just isn’t sustainable to use and toss.

Show the world that green can be easy with a little bit of planning and creativity! Happy end-of-summer partying!

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