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Road Trip!

July 23, 2010

By Brianne Harrison

This is the time of year most people (pet owners included) hit the road and take a much-needed vacation. Some find petsitters, kennels, or even dog hotels to care for their furry loved ones, but other travelers take their pets with them. If you’re one of those vacationers, here are a few items that might make the trip easier and more fun for everybody.

Sleep Tight: Pet beds can be cumbersome, and even the best often end up with bumpy, clumped filling. Enter the Snoozzy Orthoair Inflatable Pet Bed by Precision Pet Products. This bed uses a series of inflatable I-beam chambers to provide even support across its entire surface and allow you to control how firm the bed is. It’s especially good for older dogs who suffer from arthritis and other aches and pains, since it provides them with the support they need. It’s made from waterproof material that doesn’t absorb odors, and the fleece cover can be removed for easy washing. The material—marine-grade, 32-gauge PVC—is scratch and claw resistant. The bed comes in six sizes that are designed to fit most standard crates, plus a 42-inch round model. It deflates easily for travel, and the round bed can be filled in less than 30 seconds with the included electric inflation pump (rectangular models have mouthpieces). The beds range in price from $15-$86. Visit to find a retailer near you.

Take a Dip: It’s a sad but true fact that many pets drown every year in pools and spas. If you have a water-loving pup, you may want to look into getting a ramp for your pool, like Gamma2’s Scamper Ramp. The Scamper Ramp comes in two sizes—regular, which is capable of holding up to 200 lbs, and large for the biggest breeds out there. It snaps together easily and attaches to the pool deck using existing anchors or two stainless steel screws. It can also be used on floating docks and many boats. Visit for retailers.

Playtime! What started as a college class assignment to design a tough new dog toy gradually became Durable Ideas, the company that created the award-winning, multitasking Dura Doggie Disc. The Dura Doggie Disc is a soft rubber fetch toy that can transform into a water or food bowl. Its Frisbee-like shape is perfect for a game of catch at the park or on the beach, and once you’re done, just turn it over and fill it with water for your thirsty pet. The Doggie Disc has been named one of MSNBC’s Best Pet Travel Products and was named one of the 2009 Products of the Year for pet fitness and weight loss. The Disc is made from a soft natural rubber that contains no harsh chemicals or materials and is, as the name implies, extremely durable. As an added bonus, the company donates one disc for every ten sold to organizations dedicated to dog rescues. The Disc retails for $13.99 (large) and $11.99 (petite). Visit to order.

Dinnertime: Transporting pet food can be a hassle, but the good people at Gamma2 have come up with a solution: The Travel-Tainer Feeding system, a complete transportable pet feeding system. It includes an airtight plastic food container that keeps pests out of the food. Two food/water dishes slip onto the ends of the food container, and a convenient carry handle holds it all together. When dinnertime comes, just remove the handle, pull off the dishes, and serve! Gamma2 products are available at most PetCo and PetSmart locations. Visit for more info.

Happy travels!

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