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A Close Shave

July 2, 2010

By Brianne Harrison

Not long ago, I attended an eco-friendly gift show in New York, where I was introduced to an incredible array of products. Some that caught my eye were from the Pacific Shaving Company, whose philosophy is to create shaving products that are good for the skin, good for the wallet, and good for the earth. I was eager to try some of them out, and I can now happily report that these are well worth stocking up on.

I’m completely sold on their all-natural shaving oil, which results in an amazingly close shave and eliminates the need for post-shower moisturizing. A few drops is all you need—so even though the bottle is tiny, don’t be fooled, it goes a long way. The ½-oz bottle is good for up to 100 shaves, and its small size means it’s airplane friendly, so you can go ahead and toss it into your carry on (it’s also available in a 2-oz size).

If you prefer the more traditional shaving cream, Pacific has that too, made from all natural and organic ingredients. It includes aloe and comfry to soothe the skin, shea butter to moisturize, sweet almond oil for extra hydration, and antioxidant-rich white and green teas to protect against free radical damage. It too is a travel-friendly size—3 oz., which is good for about 40 shaves.

Accidents happen, and when they do, you can help repair the damage with Pacific’s Nick Stick. This nifty little stick—with a self-sterilizing roll-on applicator—stops bleeding quickly, cleanses with bergamot oil, and promotes healing with vitamins A and E and aloe.

Finally, you can extend the life of your razor by swiping the blades with Pacific’s blade oil. The oil slows corrosion caused by oxidation, keeping your blades sharper longer (and considering how much blades cost, who wouldn’t want that?).

Pacific Shaving Company’s products all have a pleasant, gender-neutral piney scent, so everyone in the house can use it. A gift pack, which includes all the products reviewed here, is $27.95 (add $16 if you upgrade to a 2-oz bottle of shaving oil). Products can also be purchased individually and are available at most A&P and Pathmark grocery stores, Harmon, and some Bed, Bath, & Beyond locations in New Jersey or online at If you buy two Pacific products from a local retailer, send a copy of your receipt to with the subject line: BTGO or mail it to PSC, c/o BTGO, PO Box 590022, San Francisco, CA 94159 and get a free Nick Stick or ½-oz bottle of shaving oil!

In case you were wondering about the “good for the earth” part—the company’s offerings are all natural, small (so they use less packaging), and for every purchase made, they plant a tree to offset what little packaging they do use.

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