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June 29, 2010

By Brianne Harrison

Pretty much everyone has seen the amazing acrobats of Cirque du Soleil and marveled at the astonishing things these supposed mortals can do. Now, some of the same creative minds behind those world-famous shows are upping the ante a bit with a new offering, Cavalia, which showcases incredible Cirque-like stunts and adds in horses.

Yes, that’s right—1,000+ pound animals with minds of their own perform alongside 40 artists, acrobats, dancers, and riders from around the world to produce a show that is both visually stunning and deeply spiritual. Cavalia pays homage to the bond that has existed between humans and horses for hundreds of years, blending visual effects, live music, dance, and acrobatics by both humans and more than sixty equine companions. If you’re a horse lover, you’ll be touched by what you see, having experienced that bond yourself. And if you’re not, there’s still plenty of spectacle to enjoy in Cavalia’s big white tent.

Cavalia is currently playing at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, next to the Izod Center. Tickets range in price from $49.50 to $229.50. To purchase tickets, visit

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