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Swing Time

June 16, 2010

Step up your game with these tips from Ron Jaworski & Dick Smith from Running Deer Golf Club.

Every successful golf swing is built on sound basic fundamentals of stance, alignment, grip, posture, and swing mechanics. The most prevalent mistake in these areas is in alignment. Most golfers take their stance to the shot with their body lined up “to the right” of the target line. This is because they tend to line up using their shoulders to point at the target, instead of using the club face and their feet to point at the target. As a result, the golf club must be swung “outside – in” in order to pull the ball back on line.

Golfers know that an outside-in swing causes a slice…a golfer’s most common mistake. Next time you are the range practicing, lay down a club pointing from the ball to your target and then another club down parallel to that club where your feet should be.  I’ll bet when you address the ball from this position and look out at your target that you’ll feel “left of the target.” But, seeing is believing, because you have now learned to address the ball in a square position and you’re now in position to “swing down the line” like the book says you’re suppose to.

Local Resource

Dr. David Schwartz, a chiropractor with practices in Dumont and Tenafly, recently completed the level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor program with Titleist Performance Institute. Dr. Schwartz can now measure golfers’ ability to generate and transfer speed and determine the most efficient energy transfer throughout the body to help you get the most out of your game. In addition, he can isolate physical limitations and prescribe a custom-conditioning program. Anyone interested in Dr. Schwartz’s program should contact his office at 201.387.7463.

Ron Jaworski is owner of Running Deer Golf Club located in Pittsgrove, Valleybrook Country Club located in Blackwood, and RiverWinds Golf and Tennis Club in West Deptford.

Dick Smith is a PGA professional, who co-owns with his brother, Tom Smith,  ‘The Dick Smith Golf Academy’. The academy offers instruction programs exclusively at Running Deer Golf Club and Valleybrook Country Club.

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