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Animal Farm

May 27, 2010

By Jennifer Chaky

You may have heard that eating a plant-based diet is better for your health, and better for the planet. That even giving up meat once week—and lessening it from there—is the number one thing you can do to stave off global warming.

Now, I can present to you dismal facts and statistics about the meat and dairy industry, such as the rate of deforestation for cattle grazing, and the amounts of methane released into the atmosphere from animal waste. But instead I will tell you about a fun, happy place in Blairstown, New Jersey that is working to educate people about transitioning to a plant-based diet. And June 5th they are starting off their visiting season with a Family Fun Day fundraising event.

For the Animals Sanctuary, a registered non-profit run by founders Deb Kowalski and Steve Heuser, is a haven for farm animals that were once part of the animal industry. It is a place where people can come, visit with the animals, and be inspired to eat a healthy and planet-friendly plant-based diet.
The June 5th Family Fun Day will include barn tours, face painting, crafts, and games for the kids along with plant-based diet education and tips from a registered RN.

The event is $10/adult and $5/child 5-15 years old and goes from 12-4. You can bring a picnic lunch (no meat-including beef, fish, pork, poultry, or dairy please) and to be a waste-free as possible, you may want to bring a refillable water bottle. Refreshments will also be sold. Located at 8 Cherokee Trail in Blairstown, NJ. RSVP recommended by calling 908.362.5224 or emailing The sanctuary also hosts monthly work parties. For those who wish they lived on a farm but don’t can come and muck the barns and do other chores in a beautiful setting.

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