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2 Dogs, 2000 Miles, 1 Goal

March 5, 2010

By Brianne Harrison

Just about every animal lover has lost a pet at some point. Most of us grieve when this happens, and remember the good times as we begin to move on with our lives. But others, like Luke Robinson, decide to do more.

Robinson lost his beloved dog, Malcolm, to bone cancer in 2006. Malcolm’s death inspired Robinson to set out on an epic 2,000-mile journey on foot from Austin, TX to Boston, MA, accompanied by his two remaining dogs, Hudson and Murphy. Their goal is to raise awareness of cancer and the vital importance of further research into the disease. Researching canine cancer could help develop treatments for human cancers as well, since the malignant cells in both species are similar.

Robinson’s journey, which began in 2008, has made him a celebrity—he’s appeared on CBS, ABC, Fox, and the Today Show—and has brought plenty of attention to his cause. He’s talked to pet owners, scientists, and oncologists all over the country. He and his “boys” are now in New York, just 250 miles short of their goal, which they expect to reach in mid-June. You can follow their progress at There, you can also make donations, and those who have lost a pet to bone cancer can have their name added to the Memorial Shirt Robinson’s wearing on his walk. You can also nominate your pet for inclusion on the 2011 “Cancer Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down” calendar (submissions will be taken starting in mid-May.)

Now, as these things often do, this mammoth journey has inspired a new cause: 2 Million Dogs. The goal is to get 2 million dogs nationwide to walk 2 miles for cancer. Although the campaign is still in its infancy, anyone interested can visit to learn more and submitting their dog(s) and themselves for the walk.

In the meantime, see what Luke’s up to, and maybe plan a trip to Boston in June—there’ll be plenty going on for animal lovers!



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